A YMCA was established in Southport in 1852, just a few years after the movement was founded by George Williams.  Southport YMCA has existed in Hoghton Street since the mid seventies as a leisure and sports facility; later incorporating a nursery.

On 3rd March 2016 the Trustees’ made the formal decision to change our name from YMCA Southport to YMCA Sefton to reflect our ambitions for working with children and young people across the whole of the Borough of Sefton not just in Southport. This came into effect publicly on 2nd September 2016.

YMCA Sefton merged with YMCA Liverpool in April 2017 to become YMCA Liverpool & Sefton.

YMCA has played a big part in Southport community life and we are delighted that the centre on Hoghton St in open and offering a wide range of sports and activities as well as our highly regarded YMCA Sefton Nursery.

Activities on offer include: roller skating; climbing; parties; football and much more. This is managed by Simpler Soccer:




YMCA recognised for National Contribution

A visit by Prime Minister, Edward Heath

Part of our Community

For years YMCA Sefton has helped commemorate many events

We've always been social

Inclusive and innovative have always been at the heart of the YMCA promise.

Beyond our Building

We’ve always looked to enjoy the great outdoors, whether through sport or residentials.

Confidence through Sport

All throughout our history we’ve played sport within our communities.

Being Social

And we’ll never forget that social used to mean something more than Twitter and Facebook.